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The art of marketing is in a constant state of flux with cyclical periods of ups and downs, constantly shifting competitive and demand characteristics, and demographics impacted by dynamic shifts in the marketplace.

Mosbygrey is a forward-thinking company applying the essential elements of forensic marketing using audits and micro analyses of the marketing process as they relate to a clients ability to achieve their objectives.

The fundamental tools include:

  • Marketing Audit
  • Media Auditing Process
  • Direct Marketing Audit
  • 5-Step Process
  • Segmentation Analysis

Our involvement begins with the Segmentation Analysis where we parse a client database into one of seventy clusters using our household database of over 200 million records.

Once the database is appended, we provide you with a clear picture of your target market, map your database and priority clusters nationally and by market. We then can tell you what the actual number of potential target households there are by any chosen geography.

Using the definitions of the target clusters, we can help you develop marketing and advertising initiatives, using the listed tools, to improve your effectiveness and efficiency – as we have done for our clients, some of whom have realized promotional responses of 5% – 7% and ROI of as high as 19:1.

By the way, while many of our clients use our comprehensive services they are all available ala carte. You are free to download the various audits and processes with our permission.